Become a child of the light while you have the light.  (at Camp Arrowhead in Lewes, DE)
Sunshine and glowing goldens 🌞
Happy birthday to the bestest friend out there! You’re the best Kate and couldn’t have made it this far without ya! 👽💚👌 (at private school girlz)
Baby Arrow 💎 (at kitty city)


how could you NOT fall in love with the glow of the moon and stars, the warmth of the sun, the ancient life within the trees, and the sweet melodies of the winds?

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~   Shakespeare, William. Macbeth.  (via wordsnquotes)


common themes in wes anderson films: the colour yellow and bill murray 



With both her parents being nature photographers, Tippi Degre has had one amazing childhood. Before she was born, her French parents relocated to Namibia, Africa, where she grew up alongside wild animals such as zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and lions. During her stay in Namibia, she befriended a 28-year old elephant named Abu.